Unleash Your Dream Home: Inspiration Boards for Every Lifestyle

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We’ve curated a collection of inspiration boards to jumpstart your journey, no matter the size or style of your space. From rental properties to permanent resident masterpieces, we have something to inspire everyone. So, settle in, and get ready to unlock the potential of your dream home!

Small to Mid-Sized Condominium or Rental Properties

This collection makes effective use of space and centers around the Plains Pullout Sofa Bed by Liz Muebles. Click on the photo and see a quick video showing the operation of the bed. The sofa bed lays flat so the sofa can also be used as a large lounger for watching movies!  


The Ingrid Lounge Chair is a very comfortable compliment to the Plains creating a very cozy living space. We chose the Hankor table set because of its durability and metal legs. This allows more light through the room and does not give a heavy feel. 


The room is then completed with an original hand crafted oil painting and the beautiful and unique Contrasto decorative planter.


Small to Mid-Sized Condominium or Rental Properties