The best of Mexico, available in Cabo, at an affordable price!

We are Deco Listo, your friendly neighborhood furniture matchmakers in paradise! 


The Deco Listo story begins right here in Cabo San Lucas, where we both, like many of you, made the incredible decision to live and invest in this vibrant corner of Mexico.

A Shared Frustration, a Common Goal:

Like many of you who’ve made the move to Baja California Sur, we were captivated by the stunning sunsets, endless tacos, and laid-back lifestyle. But there was one unexpected hurdle – finding quality furniture at reasonable prices.  Being nestled on this beautiful peninsula can feel a bit like living on an island, and sure enough, Cabo’s selection wasn’t quite what we were used to back in the U.S. 


We have lived in Tokyo, France, the US, and now Mexico. We loved the bustling energy of Tokyo and the charm of Nice, France. However, we are captivated by Mexico’s rich history, artisan culture, and the breathtaking landscapes of Los Cabos, so we sold our home in the US and made this paradise our home.


We love learning and experiencing new cultures. When we moved to Cabo, we expected the opportunity to fill our home with furniture and decor that would authentically reflect our new surroundings. What we ended up with was quite a bit of “big-box” furniture that, in just two years, was already showing wear and needed replacing.


That’s where the spark ignited! We knew there had to be a better way, a way to bridge the gap between beautiful, well-made furniture and a convenient, hassle-free shopping experience. We envisioned an online marketplace showcasing the best of Mexican craftsmanship, supporting local businesses, and delivering furniture directly to your doorstep – all at fair prices.

From ‘Fortune-6’ to Flip Flops:

As many experienced residents can attest, the challenge is not just in finding furniture, but the inconsistent quality and complexity found in shipping and logistics. The challenge is not just getting something from Guadalajara to Cabo, but quality control processes on both sides and last mile services. So, I hired a Chief Operating Officer (ha!, my hubby) who brings over 30 years of experience leading highly complex, multi-continent, international businesses, and driving revenue growth. He’s successfully transformed companies of all sizes, from seed startups to a Fortune-6 giant. 


My background is healthcare marketing, non-profit leadership, and digital marketing. Before moving to Cabo I was also a chaplain at the Travis County Jail in Austin, Texas, helping incarcerated women establish a new start to life – difficult work, the smallest paycheck imaginable, but so rewarding!

Ok, not what I thought I was signing up for, but we spent months researching and negotiating with logistics companies and other partners interested in helping us create an effective logistics network and achieve a common goal.  

The combined expertise of our Deco Listo team helps ensure efficiency, reliability, and a smooth furniture shopping experience for you.

Hecho en Mexico, con herencia y habilidad (Made in Mexico, with heritage and skill!):

Our passion for design and quality led us on a journey across Mexico. From the heart of Guadalajara, Mexico’s furniture capital, to the vibrant energy of Mexico City (CDMX) and the rich heritage of Aguascalientes, we handpicked exceptional partners who share our love for heirloom-worthy pieces.


Imagine furniture crafted by skilled artisans throughout Mexico, using solid, sustainably sourced hardwoods adorned with luxurious, hand-stitched leathers and meticulously woven fabrics. These pieces are more than furniture; they’re testaments to the diversity and excellence of Mexican craftsmanship, infused with the rich cultural heritage of the country.


By supporting these local partners, we’re not just furnishing your homes, we’re investing in the future of a treasured craft and contributing to communities across Mexico that have embraced us with open arms.


Ready to discover the treasures of Mexican design? Browse our curated collection now!


P.S. We’re always happy to chat, answer questions, and help you find the perfect piece for your Cabo dream.  Don’t hesitate to reach out – after all, that’s what friendly neighbors do!