Lungo Planter/Vase


The Lungo: Elevate Your Space Indoors or Out

Introduce a touch of iconic style with the Lungo, a statement piece that seamlessly transitions between sophisticated vase and designer planter. This design boasts a sleek, statuesque silhouette in two dramatic heights – 123 cm and 175 cm. The Lungo makes a bold impression in any space, showcasing a variety of floral arrangements or becoming a focal point for lush greenery.

The Lungo prioritizes both style and safety. A unique fine sand counterbalance ensures exceptional stability, preventing accidental tipping. While its opening won’t accommodate a towering tree, the Lungo provides the perfect environment for a variety of indoor and outdoor plants. Available in two sizes (with mouth diameters of 33 cm and 39 cm), you can find the ideal Lungo to house your favorite ferns, snake plants, philodendrons, or other greenery that thrives in various light conditions. Choose a shade-loving plant for indoor placement or select drought-resistant options for a pop of color on your patio.

The Lungo’s versatility extends to its form. Featuring two openings, one at the top and one at the bottom, you can choose to display the Lungo with the slender side on the floor for a minimalist look, or the wider diameter for a more open aesthetic. This flexibility allows you to create different visual effects and personalize the Lungo to your space.

Available in four stunning colors and two impressive sizes, the Lungo effortlessly complements any décor. For an extra touch of elegance, a luxurious Champagne color is also available (priced separately). No matter your preference, there’s a Lungo to suit your taste and elevate your space.

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123 cm high x 33 cm mouth, 175 cm high x 39 cm mouth

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Black, Concrete, Grey, Taupe, White