Pixan Oak Dining Table


Pixan Dining Table: Modern Warmth for Shared Meals

Introduce a touch of contemporary elegance to your dining space with the Pixan Dining Table. Crafted from solid oak, the Pixan offers timeless beauty and the inherent strength of this prized hardwood.

Modern Design with Classic Appeal

The Pixan’s clean lines and rectangular shape exude a modern aesthetic that complements a variety of décor styles. The tabletop’s smooth surface and sleek profile create a sophisticated yet inviting atmosphere for gatherings.

Tailored to Your Space

Available in two sizes, 160 x 100 x 77 cm and 200 x 100 x 77 cm, the Pixan offers the perfect fit for your dining area. Whether you host intimate dinners or larger gatherings, the Pixan comfortably accommodates your needs.

Personalize Your Style

The Pixan goes beyond just functionality, allowing you to express your unique style. Choose from a variety of oak finishes, from light and airy tones to rich, warm stains. Select the perfect shade to complement your existing décor and create a cohesive dining space.

More Than a Table, a Place to Connect

The Pixan Dining Table is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a place to connect with loved ones. Imagine warm conversations and laughter echoing around the table as you share meals and forge lasting memories. The Pixan invites the creation of traditions and strengthens the bonds that bring families and friends together.

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Tzalam Wood – Traditional Rich & Warm, Oak Wood – Tobacco Blush Finish, Oak Wood – Tobacco Clear Finish, Oak Wood – Almond Toned Finish, Oak Wood – Natural Finish

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160 cm x 100 cm, 200 cm x 100 cm